Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take the lights down?

Customers have been thrilled with how EASY the ELF makes installing holiday lights. Well, taking them down after the holiday or special occasion is just as easy with the ELF kit. For removal of lights, simply use the ELF in reverse. Begin with lights that are within reach from ground level, lifting them off the branches with the ELF while pulling down thru. The lights can coil on the ground around the base of tree as you work your way around.

The ELF Hook included in the kit is another great tool for removing the lights after wind has secured them tightly in the branches. You can gently push and pull with the hook to release the lights from the elevated heights and let them coil around the base of the tree.

Just Three Easy Steps

Load Lights Easy Light Feeder

Step One: Load Lights

Just feed connected light strings into the ELF Sack, hand over hand, allowing them to coil in the bottom. The lights will easily come back out virtually tangle free.
Attached Elf Easy Light Feeder

Step Two: Attach ELF

Attach ELF to any standard 3/4″ ACME threaded extension pole (not included). Then feed the Lights from the Sack  through the ELF and you’re ready to decorate.
Hang Lights Easy Light Feeder

Step Three: Hang Lights

Starting at a branch within reach, attach the light string and work your way around the tree hanging the lights while extending the pole to raise the ELF as you go.

The ELF is Extremely Versatile

Works on all kinds of trees
Works with almost all lights

ELF Now Available For Purchase

ELF | Easy Light Feeder

We are excited to announce that the ELF | Easy Light Feeder can now be purchased at our website!

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