ELF | Easy Hook



If you are not quite ready for the ELF | Easy Light Feeder kit for your holiday decorating needs, the ELF Easy Hook is the next best thing. Just about everyone loves the look of trees glimmering with lights to celebrate the holidays or special occasions. However, nobody loves the time and effort it takes to install them with conventional products or methods. The ELF Easy Hook makes this chore EASY and above all SAFE. No more climbing ladders footed on uneven surfaces. With your feet safety on the ground, you can decorate any type of tree with minimal effort and depending on the pole of your choice you can reach heights in excess of twenty-feet. In addition to fulfilling your decorating needs, the ELF Hook will serve multitude of hanging and grabbing needs around the home, on the boat or around the campsite.



  • Proudly manufactured in the United States with a 100% LIFETIME warranty, the ELF Easy Hook is the perfect addition to your Holiday decorating tool collection. Hang your Christmas lights and decorations safely and with ease.
  • Fits almost any telescoping extension pole (not included) with standard ¾ inch ACME thread and is constructed of ABS plastic for years of corrosion free use.
  • The sturdy plastic construction prevents bending under pressure and will not scratch surfaces.
  • Cleverly designed with center slot for holding the light string between bulbs or at plug end for total control, pulling and stretching.
  • The additional downward facing hook provides ability to pull light string or object towards you for more versatility.

Lifetime Warranty:

If your hook ever breaks, simply send an email to info@elfeasy.com with a photo of the broken hook along with an photo of your receipt, and we will send you a replacement hook. Note – this applies only for the hook purchased separately.